The Betsey-Drake Equation (2022)
The second video in the Andromeda triology, The Betsey-Drake Equation combines conversations with physicists, performance based on a dance the character ‘Nyota Uhura’ performed on ‘Star Trek’ and the artist’s continued motif of the Andromeda Galaxy. Drawn together, these elements propose a version of the mythological Andromeda as a trickster protagonist of her own story as she builds a revolutionary space programme.

Developed from original research supported as part of the King’s College London x Somerset House Studios Programme.

The Betsey-Drake Equation (2022)

Whitstable Biennale (2002), Instation View.

Andromeda (2021)
In Andromeda, a portal between worlds opens, creating a conduit between the Andromeda galaxy and Earth, transporting a chorus of drummers into the world of an unsuspecting protagonist.
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Andromeda dances surrounded by four black female percussionists. The musicians wear white t-shirts, Andromeda wears a black leotard.
Andromeda (2021).  Video still.

Art Night presents TRAILERS (2020)
To mark Art Night’s original 2020 date and to celebrate the Festival’s fifth anniversary, Art Night presented Trailers — a series of short online works by the 10 artists in the postponed festival programme: Oona Doherty, Sonya Dyer, Adham Faramawy, Guerrilla Girls, Mark Leckey, Isabel Lewis, OOMK, Imran Perretta and Paul Purgas, Philomène Pirecki, and Alberta Whittle.
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Message to our children in the Northern Hemisphere, on observation of their deleterious conditions and in respect of their fatigue, dated circa June 2020 (Earth Time). Sent with haste. Location: RA 0h 42m 44s | Dec +41° 16′ 9″

Kairos (2020)
Commissioned as part of Gallery 31's online programme 'I Really Should be Doing Something Else Right Now,' Hailing Frequencies Open: (Kairos) Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple is a parafiction in the form of a group chat between the evolved descendants of HeLa cells, living in the Andromeda Galaxy, as they attempt to contact Earth.

The title references one of the Greek words for time, in this case indicating the most opportune moment for action. The text intersects speculative fiction, Space science, Greek mythology and contemporary figures including Octavia Butler, Michelle Obama, Nyota Uhura and Ursula LeGuin.

Hailing Frequencies Open: (Kairos) Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple (2020). Video Still.

Hailing Frequencies Open: Conversations (2017 - )
A series of short video works based in the Andromeda Galaxy, featuring leading Black women scientists from a range of disciplines.

What exisits beyond the stars? How do they feel about HeLa cells? What influence did Star Trek have on their childhood imaginations?

An animation of the sculpture Andromeda Mission: Anarcha Prototype II (2019) flits across the screen, integrating different elements of HFO together. 

Show in various exbitions, including, at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and Gallery 31, London.
Dr Miranda Lowe speaks to the camera, she wears a green top. In the background is the image of the Andromeda constellation.
Hailing Frequencies Open: Dr. Miranda Lowe (2019).  Video still.

Hailing Frequencies Open: Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (2019).

Andromeda Mission: Anarcha Prototyppe II (2019)
This sculpture - the first in the HFO trilogy - is part of a series of proposed Space vessels. The works deepen HFO’s exploration of the material and reproductive qualities of Dark Fecundity, monumentalising the stories of three known women who endured unethical experimentation by J. Marion Sims. This model is named after Anarcha Westcott. Continuing the SF and sea fearing convention of naming vessels after notable people from Earth’s history, these sculptures centre the women’s neglected stories via an epic Space odyssey. Currently exhibited as part of The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery.
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The Anarcha Prototype II sculpture hangs from the ceiling in the middle of an empty room with beige walls at Site Gallery.
Andromeda Mission: Anarcha Prototype II. Site Gallery (2019)