Hailing Frequencies Open

Hailing Frequencies Open intersects Nichelle Nicols’ astronaut recruitment activism, the dubious genesis of ‘HeLa’ cells and the Greek myth of the Ethiopian Princess Andromeda (who became both a galaxy and a constellation) – combining social justice with speculation, fantasy with the political.

In the 1970s Nicols developed a programme enabling the first American woman in space and the first Black man in space. HeLa cells – taken from the body of a Black American women named Henrietta Lacks – hold scientific significance as they are ‘immortal’ and can reproduce under practically any circumstances. These cells were the first human materials sent into Space – by the Soviets in 1960.

HFO builds a world (through film, performance and sculpture) wherein the HeLa cells are still in Space – and travelling towards Andromeda. Andromeda metaphorically embodies the reclamation of the neglected stories of Black women of science and myth

The Betsey-Drake Equation (2022). Video Still

Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green speaks to the camera. She is sitting in a white room. Behind her image is the Andromeda constellation.
Hailing Frequencies Open: Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green (2019). Video Still

This video – produced for Delfina Foundation as part of their science_technology_society, residency programme in Autumn 2020 –  further explains the project:

HFO: An occasional podcast

As a prelude to Dyer’s forthcoming podcast exploring futurity, society and art, HFO: An Occasional Podcast launched with a conversation with the fantastic An Duplan as part of her residency at Delfina Foundation.

Visit Delfina Foundation for a the full conversation, before a decidedly more slick roll out of the full series later in 2022.

With thanks to the entire Delfina team for their support.
Promotional image for HFO podcast, featuring pictures of Sonya Dyer and An Duplan

Studio Visit: Text by Jareh Das

Anarcha Print

Black and white drawing of the Anarcha Prototype II.
Anarcha Prototype II, A2 Giclée print (2020)
Commissioned by Somerset House Studios Editions

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