June 2022

My new works ‘The Betsey Drake Equation’ and ‘Andromeda Mission: Betsey Prototype (Error)’ (both 2022) have their premiere at the 10th editon of Whitstable Biennale.

This year’s festival borrows its title from Mimi Khalvati’s evocative poem, Afterwardness, a term originally coined by Sigmund Freud to describe the belated understanding of events that comes with the passing of time.

Whitstable Biennale 2022 will weave film, performance and sound into the fabric of the town, and create direct, and often intimate, opportunities for local people and visitors to engage with contemporary art and artists.

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Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival
20:00 – 21:00 / 11’ + Q&A

‘Andromeda’ (2021) has been selected as one of the Spotlight presentations at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in Scotland.

The event will feature a screening and conversation with curator, writer and researcher Jareh Das. This extended event provides a chance to explore in detail the influences and references contained within the work.  
As Das states in the programme notes, ‘In this new work, and in the artist’s wider practice, Dyer proposes that in studying the universe – as it relates to real and imagined experience, its codes, symbols across cosmologies including the smallest pieces of matter to the totality of time and space – we might be presented with better understandings of ourselves and others, beyond histories as a given representation of humanity’s ultimate purpose in all of this.’

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‘Cosmic Wonder’
Sonya Dyer / Dr Jeffrey Grube
Jan - April 2022

King’s x Somerset House Studios is a research & development scheme which facilitates and supports new collaborations between King’s researchers from across the Arts & Sciences faculties and the Studios’ hub of resident artists, designers and thinkers.

In the scheme’s 2021-2022 iteration, King’s x Somerset House Studios – A New Chapter, six artist-researcher projects have been selected for funding to address pressing contemporary issues, including the post-pandemic world, climate change, activism, im/migration, and identity.

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Cosmic Wonder, by Dr Jeffrey Grube, Lecturer in the Department of Physics (Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences) and Sonya Dyer, Somerset House Studios Resident, has been selected as one of the six fantastic artist-researcher projects chosen to receive funding as part of the King's x Somerset House Studios collaboration scheme. The project will explore the construction and analysis of astronomical instrumentation taking place at King’s as an entry point into exploring the cosmos and the speculative narratives that this work inspires.

Sonya Dyer/ Eve-Lauryn LaFountain/ Marcy Saude
14 Jan – 12 Feb 2022

Directions: Forward presents moving image work that juxtaposes the mythic and the everyday to develop connections between the past and future. Invoking ritual and resistance, dance and document, historical forces and speculative fiction, the artists map out a terrain that challenges borders – both literal and figurative.

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Credit: Marcy Saude, Still from Come On Pilgrim (16mm), 2022.

11 Nov 2021 - 27 Feb 2022

An exhibition considering the temporary synchronicity between people, bodies, sounds and signals.
Featuring video, sound, sculptural and textile works by Abbas Zahedi, Phoebe Davies, Joe Namy and Sonya Dyer, each work in the show sees a coming together of individuals, organically or involuntarily, sparking and creating momentary connections, movements and cultures.

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'Temporary Compositions' promotional image.

Summer 2022

This triennial exhibition showcases the vibrancy and diversity of the capital’s art scene.
The artists were selected from over 2,600 entries by a panel of experts including collector Maria Bukhtoyarova, artist Shezad Dawood, curator and art historian Christine Eyene, gallerist Stephan Tanbin Sastrawidjaja, with Whitechapel curators Emily Butler, Inês Costa and Wells Fray-Smith.

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Wysing’s 2021 programme will take the theme of reception. This is intended as both a second part to last year’s broadcasting theme and a response to the challenging events of 2020. An understanding of reception as an act of welcoming, hosting and caring will shape our organisational priorities for the next year.

Sonya Dyer will continue to work on her long term project Hailing Frequencies Open, focusing on scripting speculative narratives and collaborating with animator Adam Sinclair on visualising Space travel.

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